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Since the release of her second album Let's Do This Thing in 2015, Kerry Pastine has taken the national roots music scene by storm, spending much of the past three years touring North America. Her follow-up EP Bad Magic Baby (released in June 2017) clearly shows her growth as a songwriter, performer and recording artist; proof that her star is still on the rise.

Kerry is now infamous for her no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-metal live shows and that reputation has landed her on some of the best stages, shows and festivals throughout the US. From playing sweaty, sold-out clubs as a headliner (as captured in the video for Hell Bent for Heaven), to the coveted support slot for Brian Setzer's sold-out June 2017 Rockabilly Riot show at the Arvada Center to sharing the main stage at the Bohemian Nights New West Fest with The Steve Miller Band, Kerry and her band are wowing audiences everywhere. Pandora raves, "The vintage tones swing and punch -- like Joan Jett backed by the Stray Cats," and a review of their holiday record "It's a Crime Scene Christmas" proclaimed, "Every song is an original and every one is a winner. Kerry and company leave the bigger names in the dust. Kerry Pastine is Wanda Jackson, Patsy Cline, Grace Slick and Ann Wilson all rolled into one."

Kerry has always been a believer in mixing ideas from the past into something new, fun and exciting. There are elements of blues, jump blues, rockabilly, classic soul and garage rock all spun together in an intoxicating original sound that fans are calling a "roots rock & roll party." Party is definitely the name of the game for Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene. Her songs are a joyful celebration of life, love and hazy nights filled with live music, friends and just a hint of danger.

One of those hazy nights is captured perfectly in the video for Let's Do This Thing. The video caught fire, landing Kerry and her band on television, radio and stages across the U.S. The Fox 31 Everday Show featured the video for their Viral Video spot where hosts Chris Parente and Kathie J commented, "I love this! I could not believe their sound. I thought, 'They have to be [from] L.A.' They are going places!" While on tour in Nashville, Kerry was invited to the 515 Studio for a televised interview on Nashville Entertainment Weekly where she talked about her "incredible" video and how her unique sound sets her apart from other artists and bands in the "Americana" genre. As Longmont Magazine points out, "It’s rockabilly with a Patti Smith attitude. They’re good. Really good. The music market really is ripe for some rock and roll, so they well may be on their way to bigger venues and locations."

Bigger venues and locations are exactly where Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene plan on heading for the rest of 2018. Past shows have included many major festival appearances and shows with Brian Setzer, The Steve Miller Band, The Blasters, The Record Company, Shakey Graves, Cracker, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, James Hunter, Dale Watson, the legendary Dick Dale and many more. Kerry has an impressive Summer 2018 schedule lined up and will be touring in support of her new record, which will be released at a headlining show at the Arvada Center on August 17th. Kerry thrives on hard work, writing songs and bringing those songs to as many people as possible. It's time for the rest of the world to DO this thing with Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene!

The sound is at once familiar, but modern. Vintage, but cutting edge. This ride isn't an old Cadillac. Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene is a souped-up hot rod with bulletproof glass, a modern chassis and a shiny new engine. The perfect vehicle for a life of crime and musical performances born of sin.


"These folks are nasty and fun my friends... Beware, judging from what I've been hearing, they will not be Denver's little secret for long."
- Dan Aykroyd (aka Elwood Blues) - House of Blues Radio Hour

"At first, the vintage tones swing and punch – like early ‘60s Wanda Jackson possessing a young Joan Jett as backed by the Stray Cats. But after looking under the hood of Let’s Do This Thing, there’s much more here than a classic engine. [The Crime Scene] delivers some next level you-know-what."
- Eric Shea - Pandora Blog

"Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene's songs should be in Quentin Tarantino movies. There’s a fierceness in the band’s energetic live shows; the four musicians clearly feed off of each other."
- Jon Solomon - Westword Feature Article July 19, 2017

"[Kerry Pastine] got the best response I saw all day, with people actually out on the floor and dancing. And rightly so: The energy was high and lively, and the grooves were flawless. Verdict: A group of fantastic musicians obviously having a great time at what they do... Throw them to the top of the heap of festival bands."
- Jef Otte - Westword

"[The Crime Scene delivers] old-school rock & roll that shouts wonderful and diverse testimonies of the human condition. [The music is a mix of] unruly garage rock, boppin' rockabilly, jumped-up blues and pointy-toe soul. Confidence-to-kill playing suits [Kerry Pastine's] whip crack vibe. This fun skirts dangerousness, but that's OK -- it's on our side. Recommended."
- DC Larson - No Depression

"Masterfully blending with the satin and kick of instruments that waste not one note, [Kerry Pastine's voice] flows effortlessly across the 12 diamond-sharp tracks. [She] is able to angle, crack and pop the songs in a way that suggests a renewal more than a retread."
- Richard Davis - Ol' Skool Rods Magazine

"...These guys 'get it' and understand how to take a bit from the past, add bit from the present and come up with something familiar yet fresh."
- Rick Galusha - Blueswax Ezine

"Simply put, Kerry Pastine's voice could bring the smokiest, sweatiest dive bar to its knees. She's got the swagger of [Janis] Joplin and skills of [Alanis] Morissette with a band behind her jumping effortlessly from pop to deep blues but never losing the rock energy."
- Tim Wenger - Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

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